Character Creation Rules

Please follow these simple rules for creating your character.

creation☀ Shape your avatar accordingly: For example if you are a strong character your avatar must have the muscles in order to support this claim, no character with 8 strength should look like a stick figure. Also there is a height restriction, you must be between 5’7″ and 6’7″ if you wish to be outside these limits then special permission must be granted.

☀ Sensible Weapons: Your weapon should be a suitable size for your avatar, you will not be able to hold a weapon twice your size. If you are unsure then ask an Admin or a Moderator.

☀ Keep Script Count Low: To reduce lag in world please keep script counts as low as possible, this is for the benefit of everybody in Throne of Thorns.

☀ Dress Appropriately: This is a Game of Thrones RP and as such you are expected to dress in medieval attire and in clothing suitable for your Region, please check with the Admins if unsure.

☀ If you need help on your house’s Characteristics follow this guide: Houses – Attributes and Characteristics

☀ Follow The Instructions: The Application form contains easy to follow instructions, please follow them carefully.