Herbology Information and Rules

herbologyblackHerbology is a stat that we have implemented in ToT as a way for people to increase their skill set, as well as encourage RP with smallfolk roles.

You may only buy or make one potion a week, or one poison every 2 weeks.

If you character has the herbology skill, you must RP either gathering or purchasing the reagents required before making it. The helpful potions will be easier for you to gather the required reagents as would be available from merchants or maesters. The poisons will be more difficult to obtain, and should be how it is RPed, as poisons are more of a black-market item and not readily accessible to all.

If you character does not have the herbology skill, then you will need to purchase your item from another player or NPC that sells that items. Characters will only be able to sell you what they have ICly made and have on-hand, and NPCs will have limited stock.

Using a Harmful Potion/Poison

When attempting to administer your item, you must roleplay out the action, followed by a D100 roll.

You will then add your herbology stat modifier to your roll. The player you are attempting to dose will then roll a D100, and add their intelligence stat modifier to the roll. If they roll higher than your final role, your application will not be successful
Example: if you roll a 72 and your herbology stat is 4, your total roll is now 76. The person you are attempting to dose rolls a 51, plus has a modifier of 13 in intelligence making their total role 64. Your role is higher, and therefore successful.

You do not need to roll when using a helpful potion, unless agreed upon OOCly.

** Please remember the use of lethal poisons is not allowed unless approved by admins. This is done in an effort to monitor god-modding and item-control.

Potions/Poisons Available:


☀ Nettle Poultices: used for first aid; a healing paste
Requires: mustard seeds, nettles, bread mould

☀ Moon Tea: used to abort unwanted pregnancies.
Requires: tansy flower, mint, wormwood

☀ Milk of the Poppy: used for pain relief; highly addictive – should be used sparingly.
Requires: sourleaf, opiate (from poppy seed), honey

☀ Sweetsleep: in small doses can be used to help calm and relax, cause a person to drift off into a peaceful sleep
Requires: honey, kingscopper, smokeberry


☀ Non-lethal poisons:
– Causes stomach sickness
Requires: nightshade, smokeberry, pennyroyal
– Causes confusion/paranoia
Requires: wolfsbane, dragon’s breath, wormwood
– Causes hallucinations
Requires: poison kisses, spiceflower, powdered greycap