Sim Lore

Currently: 285 AC
Climate: Spring approaching Summer
Location: Highgarden, The Reach.
Ruler: King Alesander Tyrell


Sim Backstory:

☀ Robert Baratheon’s Rebellion:
Began in early 283 AC, lasting just over a year – follows the same structure and time line as the series for the most part, with a different outcome at the end.


☀ Battle of the Bells (283 AC):
A skirmish at the Stoney Steps in the Riverlands. Considered a victory for the rebels as they forced a retreat, however Lord Stark was one of the most significant casualties.


☀ Battle of the Trident (283 AC):
Robert Baratheon does indeed kill Prince Rhaegar Targaryen in single combat at the Trident, but eventually succumbs to his own wounds which also prove to be fatal. Lord Arryn also falls at this battle, as well as a large number of the Dornish army, and the Dornish commander.


☀ Sacking of King’s Landing (nearing the end of 283 AC):
Lord Lannister, having stayed quiet for most of the Rebellion, sees this as his opportunity now that Robert is dead to secure the throne for his own line. Aerys, the Mad-King, orders the use of wildfire on the army, which inevitably backfires and not only destroys the majority of the Lannister army, including Lord Lannister himself, but also the entire city of King’s Landing as well. Outraged at the destruction of the city, members of the Kingsguard turn on King Aerys, and murder him on the Iron Throne. During the fighting, Princess Elia Martell and her children are killed, while a pregnant Queen Rhaella Targaryen and her son flee to Dragonstone.


☀ Siege of Storm’s End (283 AC – 284 AC):
Lord Tyrell, still loyal to the crown, turns his forces toward Storm’s End (the seat of the Baratheons), in an attempt to squash any lingering rebellious intentions from the new Lord Baratheon. While the men of Storm’s End slowly starve to death, help came in the form of a smuggler, who helped to free Lord Baratheon, and ensure Lord Tyrell’s death,


☀ Dragonstone (284 AC):
With King’s Landing in ruins, and the surviving members of the Royal family holed up at Dragonstone, Lord Baratheon takes his remaining men and assaults the island. Queen Rhaella Targaryen gives birth to a stillborn daughter during the siege, and her and her young son are later killed when the keep is over-taken, securing the end of the Targaryen Rule although cousins remain. The battle is not an easy one however, and both sides have taken a massive hit to its armies, including the loss of Lord Baratheon.

☀ Now (early 285 AC):
The Rebellion has run its course, and the fighting has dwindled out. The Mad-King has been removed from power and the Targaryen Rule ended, however many of the region’s liege lords have been lost in the fighting and there is a dispute on who is to take up the Iron Throne. The capital city in ruins, its surviving citizens now homeless, many start to head for the nearby city and fertile lands of Highgarden. Westeros’ nobility start to gather in the Reach as well, where a landsmeet will be held in order to crown a new King, to discuss the future of the now seemingly cursed King’s Landing, and to seek repatriations. A true game of thrones is about to begin as alliances are rebuilt, justice is sought, and revenge is taken.