Due to a number of issues the sim has moved and is currently going through a rebuild. To apologise for this all returning players will be allowed 5 additional points in their stats as well as ONE bonus skill.

As soon as we are open we will update but applications are open.



We’re Back!!!

After a small hiatus due to RealLife complications I am happy to announce that we are back!

Unfortunately because of the nature of the complications the big reset button has had to be pushed and all characters wiped… HOWEVER! Returning players get a bonus 5 points to add to their character! As a way of apologizing for the inconvenience.

Lord Alesander Tyrell has still been made king but rather than a Landsmeet to decide upon king it was decided that Tyrells should rule as Highgarden is the new capital.

Saying Hello

Hello players, current and future! I am Rainbow Rose, player admin, which means, I’m the one you should come to if  you have any issues or problems during your adventures in our Highgarden!  I can’t wait to meet you all in character!

Rainbow Rose